Word of the Week: Biodosimetry

Biodosimetry is a measurement of biological response to radiation dose, using biomarkers.
Examples of Biomarkers used for Biodosimetry
Cytokinesis Blocked Micronucleus Assay: The Cytokinesis Blocked Micronucleus assay (CBMN) quantifies radiation-induced chromosome damage expressed as post-mitotic micronuclei, in once-divided cells.
γ-H2AXAssay: The γ-H2AX assay scores DNA double strand breaks by quantifying phosphorylation of the histone H2AX which co-localizes to them.
Dicentrics Assay: The Dicentrics Assay uses FISH telomeric probes and a counter stain to identify the end of each chromosome, and FISH centromeric probes to locate chromosome centromeres. Identified chromosomes containing two centromeric probes would thus be dicentrics.