Monday, December 18, 2017 (All day)

Columbia University Medical Center: Postdoctoral Research Scientist


A postdoctoral research scientist position is available at the Center for Radiological Research to work on a NASA project to update its current operational model for space radiation cancer risk assessment. The position would be focusing on incorporating recent research on radiation quality and dose rate effects as part of an overall team.
A systemic approach is to be taken: reviewing the currently available models and data and comparing them while identifying strengths and weaknesses of different approaches. A baseline model is to be identified along with reasonable alternative approaches to be eventually included in an ensemble model.
Since NASA career exposure limits are in terms of probabilistic risk, the model will need to be probabilistic in nature. The focus will be on parametric approaches as opposed to more detailed mechanistic models such as N-stage cancer models although the latter may be used to inform the development of the resulting model parameters and uncertainties.

Duties includes:
1. Assist in gathering and reviewing relevant data
2. Lead work reviewing available quality models and updating model including

  • Calculation of RBE and RER under different dose response assumptions including uncertainties from data available in the literature
  • Identifying parametric models quality models available in literature (these are quite limited)
  • Recalibrating these models and identifying potential improvements
  • Software verification and integration

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