Shared Instrumentation Facility

Radiation Research Core Facility

The Radiation Research Core Facility provides a comprehensive range of irradiation sources designed to facilitate exposure of small animals, cells in culture, microorganisms, and macromolecules to gamma-rays (Co and Cs sources), X-rays and 254 nm UV light.  Consultation is available to provide guidance for experimental design.


Instrumentation includes:

1) A high-dose-rate Gammacell 220 Cobalt Unit, for microorganisms such as yeast, and macromolecules.

2) An Atomic Energy of Canada Gammacell 40 Cesium Unit, which serves as a low dose rate irradiator for small animals, and mammalian cells in culture.

3) The X-RAD 320 Biological Irradiator is a self contained X-ray system with operating energies up to 320 keV, useful for irradiating only select regions of animals when coupled with custom shielding, and also mammalian cells in culture.

4) A UV light box emitting 254 nm light, for microorganisms and mammalian cells in culture.

5) The SARRP 200 combined X-ray/CT imaging machine.


Howard Lieberman, PhD, serves as Director and Kevin Hopkins, MS, is the manager.

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