Sally A. Amundson, Sc.D.

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology

Center for Radiological Research

Contact Information: 

Center for Radiological Research
630 West 168th Street
VC 11-215
New York, NY 10032

Telephone: (212) 342-0965
Fax: (212) 305-3229



BA (Biology) Hamline University, St. Paul, MN, 1986
ScD (Cancer Biology) Harvard University, School of Public Health, Boston, MA, 1992
Postdoctoral Fellow, Radiation Biology, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1992 - 1995
IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow, NCI, Cancer Biology, 1995 - 1998


     The major focus of my laboratory is the study of gene expression responses to ionizing radiation. Exposure to adverse environmental conditions, including DNA damaging agents like radiation, triggers stress signals that lead to the altered expression of multiple genes. The genes that respond to stress are involved in many different cellular processes, such as cell-cycle control, programmed cell death, DNA repair, differentiation and senescence. By changing the pattern of genes being expressed, a cell can essentially reprogram itself to respond to environmental challenges.

     Modern measurement techniques enable us to obtain a “snapshot” of gene expression across the whole genome. Interpreting a series of such snapshots can help us to understand how cells change their gene expression program as they respond to radiation exposure. This can give us insights into signal transduction pathways and the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular, tissue and whole organism responses to radiation.

     My lab is using such approaches to investigate several radiation biology questions important to human health, including:

• How does exposure to low dose and low dose-rate radiation differ from high dose acute exposures?
• How do signals from irradiated cells or tissues cause effects in nearby unexposed cells (bystander effect)?
• How does radiation exposure affect breast cancer development, and how is the process different in the Space radiation environment that would be encountered in long-term manned Space missions?
• Can gene expression measurements provide radiation biodosimetry for triage in emergency situations? Please visit U19 Project 2 website.

Selected Activities

Member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements
Associate Editor, Radiation Research Journal, 2007-present
Scientific Advisory Council of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF), Hiroshima, Japan
Radiation Research Society, Finance Committee, 2005-2011
Radiation Research Society, Committee for Women in Radiation Research, 2000- 2003
Radiation Research Society, Council, 2012- 


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Honors and Awards

Michael Fry Research Award, Radiation Research Society, 2004
Research Training Award, NCI intramural program, 1995-1998
Intramural Director's Fellowship, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1992-1994
National Research Service Award, HSPH, Harvard University, 1986-1992
Phi Beta Kappa, 1986