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The Center for Radiological Research offers the most comprehensive design and instrument shop in the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center complex. Established in 1947, the facility has been continuously modernized and updated. Using a CAD (computer aided design) system, specialized, complex, custom-made instrumentation and equipment of almost any physical size, including micro-machining of plastics, metals, and ceramics, can be fabricated. Consultation with, and guidance for, researchers is provided in determining appropriate materials and design, along with technological advice and suggestions. The shop is also equipped for micro-brazing and micro-silver soldering, as well as for plastic molding and mechanical repair of small laboratory equipment.

The facility is a world leader in the fabrication of ionization chambers and proportional counters used in radiation studies and in microdosimetry. Other specialized items produced include imaging systems such as intravital microscopes and customized PET scanners.

Items routinely made include:

  • Radiation targets and radiation shields

  • Beta-particle bench shielding, bins, storage and work boxes

  • Lead containers and shields

  • Collimators (lead or tungsten)

  • Microscopes, both custom-made and modified

  • Cell flow chambers and micro-sieving chambers

  • Gimbal systems

  • Positioning systems

  • Micro slides (x-y-z)

  • Surgical stainless steel implants (neurological and orthopedic)

  • Temperature chambers for microscope stages

  • Micropipette holders

  • Electrophoresis units and custom combs

  • X-ray targets

  • Vacuum systems

  • Phantoms


Director & Manager:

Mr. Gary Johnson
Center for Radiological Research
VC 11th floor
630 W. 168th St.
New York, N.Y. 10032
tel: (212) 305-(5)6707
fax: (212) 305-(5)3229

Location of facility:    

Design & Instrument Shop
VC 11-245
630 W. 168th St.
New York, N.Y. 10032

Permitted Shop Users:    


Charges: Based on intricacy of work requested, plus materials.



Updated 11/02/07


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